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We do the BUZZ.

Let’s build Web3 together

Servicing those building the future infrastructure of the self sovereign 

On the forefront of the Web3 revolution

We create uncensored and secure ecosystem of custom-made and scalable solutions on decentralised storage infrastructures.

Where we can help

Our focus areas

streaming services


We help streaming providers to utilize the advantages of a serverless infrastructure in order to

  • create a more robust and resilient framework
  • enable unparalleled scalability
  • evaporate expansion costs

Solar Punk - your bridge to Web3

NFT Gaming

NFT / Gaming

We help NFT Marketplaces and game developers to make their services

  • future proof and integrity safe
  • cost effective by eliminating bandwith costs
  • more desireable with additional services
  • financially solvent

Solar Punk - your Web3 business consultant

cloud storage

Cloud Storage

We help the transformation of existing storage services with large outreach and user adoption to Swarm to make them

  • immutable
  • attack resistent
  • and scaleable

Solar Punk - your integrative partner

Your Solar Punk Team


Our technical partner: Swarm

Swarm is a decentralised data storage and distribution technology. Ready to power the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable, serverless dapps.

“If Ethereum is the world computer’s CPU, Swarm is the world computer’s Hard Drive” – Viktor Tron

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What is the solarpunk philosophy?

Solarpunk is a cultural movement that seeks to reimagine a sustainable future, where advanced technological developments result in a fair distribution of opportunities, the creation of world wide fair markets and ultimately a better utilization of the available resources.

At its core, solarpunk is a response to the dystopian, post-apocalyptic narratives that have dominated science fiction in recent years. Rather than depicting a world ravaged by climate change or other catastrophic events, solarpunk imagines a world where humanity has successfully transitioned to a sustainable and equitable society.

Solarpunk philosophy is focused on the idea of co-creating where communities work together without barriers, where free information lays the foundation of a dense fabric of transactions, that enables everyone participating in the free market with equal opportunities. This automatically promotes free markets structure, that ultimately ceases the practice of the disproportional exploitation of available resources and unfair allocation of profits. 

Ultimately, solarpunk is about imagining and creating a future that is more hopeful and optimistic, and we believe in the ability of the people to realize it. 

For that we need a decentralized, democratized internet that puts power back in the hands of the people. Self sovereign digital society is one of the key first steps in realizing the solarpunk vision of a free and happier world to come.

What is the Solar Punk mission?

Our mission is to contribute to the building of an uncensored, secure, and scalable infrastructure for self-sovereign digital society. 

Our assignment is to find potential partners who could future-proof their businesses with Swarm. Together we create uncensored and secure ecosystem of custom-made, and scalable solutions on DSS infrastructures. 

What is Solar Punk's relation to Swarm?
  • Swarm is an independent We share the same vision in terms of the self sovereign data future
  • We both believe, that the world needs a self sustaining, ideology free, peer-to-peer data infrastructure
  • We work closely together with Swarm developers
  • We bring the new news from the engine room
  • We communicate the news of the business world and with our projects we help to shape the future of Swarm
    How do you plan to achieve Solar Punk's mission?

    Via collaboration of existing businesses in data/information architecture transformation projects that can speed up the Web3 development  the most.

    Our role is therefore, 

      • Educate the business community 
      • Establish partnerships
      • Bridge and integrate architectures
    What kind of services Solar Punk provide?

    Every project starts with an assessment phase based on which we decide on the investments from our side, but in general we provide

    • Business consultancy
    • Project management
    • Development
    • Communication services
    How can Solar Punk help a business?

    This is difficult to define in advance, but in general:

    • Integrating DSS into your architecture can help to elevate the perception of your business and open up new investment opportunities
    • It can make the storage and network requirements easily scalable and cut costs dramatically
    • It can pave the way to new services, that you can extend your portfolio with 
    • It can make your infrastructure attack and censorship resistant and secure

    Get in contact with us and let us find out together!

    What are the major phases of a Solar Punk poject?
    1. Initial discussions and definition of scope
    2. Technical assessment with the Involvement of Swarm
    3. Development
    What are the costs of services?

    Depending on the project we can have three different financial model to follow:

    • Consultative role, where Solar Punk gets paid for its expert advices 
    • Partnership where the solution to be developed is a result of a joint effort on both sides
    • Investment, where in return to equity Solar Punk provides the necessary resources